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Medieval Banquet
Sat, 28 Oct, 2017
Ivory Hous
St Katharine Docks
Médiéval Banquet
£ 74.00

Centrally located in the beautiful and historic St Katharine Docks alongside the River Thames, just a two minute walk from Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Join Henry VIII and his court of knights, troubadours, contortionists, magicians, jugglers, minstrels and medieval tumblers at this most royal of banquets and enjoy a four course feast with ale and wine brought to your table throughout the meal by our dancing wenches.

The entertainment and music is drawn from the Medieval and Renaissance courts of Europe and covers the periods of the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. Our musicians are at the forefront of a reemergence of Medieval English and European musical culture. The music is robust, engaging and emotive, bringing to life 800 year old musical manuscripts that have long been the domain of specialists and enthusiasts.

Discover the entertainment and food that awaits you at Londons Medieval Banquet in St Katharine Docks, from sword fighting knights & dancing wenches, to contortionists and minstrels.

Four Course Meal
Ale, Wine and Juice

Doors: 7.15pm  Dinner starts at 7.40pm

Price: £74 members / Non-members £89