Joining Dinner Dates - the move you’ll make

Being a members club allows for us to maintain a certain level of expectation with who attends our events. Since we started in 1989 we have always made the process of membership about getting to know people and their expectations. Which is why we always request new enquiries to call the office so speak to a member liaison. In a world where everything is now done at a click of a button online we prefer maintain certain traditions that Dinnerdates has built its reputation that has allowed us to be the most recognised and trusted singles social club in the UK.

All fields are mandatory


All fields are mandatory



All fields are mandatory


By joining Dinner Dates and by attending our events you agree to comply with the terms of membership in force at that time of joining and attending. We reserve the right to update these terms without notice. We recommend that you check these terms at regular intervals.


By applying for membership you are confirming that you are currently single and over 21 years of age.

Registration is only completed once we have received your registration form and fee, your photo and standing order mandate.

We accept payment by cheque, credit or debit card, for registration and for events.

Dinner Dates is an organisation which it is a privilege to be a part of. We expect the highest standards of decorum from our members. Our members rightly expect the same from each other. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership or refuse entry to any event at any time without giving a reason.
If membership is refused by us the registration fee will be refunded in full.

If membership is cancelled, whether by us or by you, or if you fail to complete the membership process once started, the registration fee is non-refundable.

All events must be pre-paid. Money changing hands on the night is not our style. A booking is only confirmed once we have received payment.

We cannot guarantee the calibre of any of our members or that any information about them provided by them or us is accurate. Hence if you arrange to meet other members we advise you to exercise sensible caution. We accept no liability arising from any action or inaction of a member.

Dinner Dates and Discretion
At Dinner Dates we respect your privacy
We will not give out your contact details to other members without your express permission, and we will check with you every time.
We send all correspondence in unbranded envelopes.
We do not pass members' details to third parties.

Equal Numbers Policy

We organise all our Dinners, Drinks Parties and Balls to have equal numbers of men and women. However, for a range of reasons occasionally there may be slightly more women than men attending on the night, or vice versa.
We do not attempt to have equal numbers of the sexes at other events. However before you book, on request we will advise you of the numbers of men and women who have already booked.
Cancellation & Refund Policy

All events must be pre-paid. Money changing hands on the night is not our style.
A booking is made when you indicate to us that you wish to attend an event. By requesting a booking, you agree, (subject to our refund policy below) to pay for that event in full and that we may take payment using any payment method previously agreed. We will only process payment when we have checked availability. Your place at an event is confirmed once we have received full payment. We will advise you if we are unable to offer you a place at an event.
If we cancel or change the date of an event, we will offer you the choice of transferring the booking to another event (subject to a payment or refund of the difference in price) or of refunding you all monies you paid to us for that event. We accept no liability for any other costs or losses you may have incurred relating to the event.

Dinners Drinks Parties and Buffets :

Refunds will not be given if cancelled within 7 days of the event. All other cancellations will be fully refunded.

Weekends Away and Special Events:

Refunds will not be given if cancelled within 4 weeks of the day of the event. For cancellations more than 4 weeks in advance a full refund is given.


You are required to obtain a comprehensive insurance policy in force at the time of booking which covers (amongst other things) cancellation of your holiday and enables recovery of all monies paid. We will return any monies paid by you to the extent that they are not required to meet our costs in respect of any holiday. We accept no other liability for cancellation.
Refunds are not given if details of an event are changed, provided that the date and nature of the event are the same; if unequal numbers of men and women attend; if you are dissatisfied with the calibre of attendees or the calibre of the event itself, or if you fail to attend without cancelling.

Media Rights:

We reserve the rights to any photographs or video or other media recorded at our events. Photographs for personal use may be taken with the permission of those in the photo. Video footage may not be taken without our permission. By attending our events you agree that we may use any media which includes images of you for the promotion of Dinner Dates.

Using Dinner Dates For Commercial Gain:

We encourage suitable people to join Dinner Dates to enhance their personal social life. Dinner Dates is regarded as the singles social events organisation that others aspire to be like. We have many wonderful members and from time-to-time we become aware that members are using us as a source or recruiting members for non-Dinner Dates events and/or to obtain information about our events and organisation which we regard as our intellectual property. It is not permitted to join Dinner Dates or attend any event for the purposes of commercial gain of any kind. If you breach this term you agree to pay us a minimum fee of £5,000. If you are approached by anyone at one of our events and it appears that their approach may have some commercial element, please advise us immediately.


To complete the process, you will now be taken to our secure server to enter your payment details.

Please ensure any POP-UP Blockers are disabled.

You will be charged a total of £166.00 + VAT (TOTAL £199.20) as a one off registration fee to Dinner Dates (see below).

Item Qty Price Total
One off registration fee 1 £199.20 £199.20
All prices are in UK Sterling £199.20