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See yourself as a Dinner Dates Director? 

Dinner Dates operates throughout London. If you would like to start a Dinner Dates franchise elsewhere we'd be happy to discuss it with you. Bear in mind that to be successful you need a catchment area with a large number of potential members, and a good selection of dining and event venues close to hand. Dinner Dates is, therefore, best suited to larger conurbations and cities. Members of Dinner Dates are welcome to attend events held by any Dinner Dates franchise and London Dinner Dates events and holidays.

Franchise Opportunities - an introduction


A Dinner Dates franchise is a fun, sociable home-based business, primed for success. It gives you excellent opportunities for financial reward through a brand name that is established, recognised and respected. If you have the right personal qualities -- vitality, desire, enthusiasm, sociability and a sense of fun - a Dinner Dates franchise could be yours.

Dinner Dates has achieved a consistently high profile over the years through founder Hillie Marshall's media appearances and her reputation as an author and advisor on relationships. The public's awareness of the company grows each year and, for many, Dinner Dates has become a generic brand.

The success of Dinner Dates has stimulated demand for membership all over the country, which cannot be adequately serviced by the London-based company so the company has decided to open up franchise opportunities countrywide.



A brief history of Dinner Dates


Dinner Dates was the first organisation of its kind - a dining and social events club for unattached single, professional people. It was established in 1989 by Hillie Marshall and bought by Cynthia & Peter Spillman in 2011. Since 2014 is has been owned by Vipul Mehta. It is the most successful club of its type in the UK with over 14,000 members and 200 events each year.

The Dinner Dates concept emerged from a light-hearted discussion about meeting new people - the consensus view being that dinner parties provide the most conducive environment for doing so. Hillie realised that there was a gap in the market for a company that arranged dinner parties for single people and so Dinner Dates was born.

The Dinner Dates events programme has expanded over the years to include balls, opera and theatre evenings, gallery visits, sports events and holidays. The programme features some of the most prestigious venues including Mosimann's and the Lanesborough.
Dinner Dates is not a dating agency and does not promise that 'special person', but it does give people the opportunity to make new friends in interesting, elegant and safe environments. For many members, building a network of friends and gaining confidence in a variety of social situations often leads to a long-term relationship, engagement and marriage.

The Dinner Dates formula for success


Dinner Dates attracts new members by national advertising, media coverage and personal recommendation. Each enquirer is sent a comprehensive pack with a welcome letter, details of how we operate, the programme of forthcoming events, a brief description of venues and a registration form.

New members pay a one-off registration fee; we also ask them to sign an monthly direct debit mandate which covers the cost of our programme of events service. Once these fees, the registration form and a photo have been received, members are entitled to attend any Dinner Dates event.

Each event is hosted and members are welcomed and introduced to each other on arrival. At dinner parties and balls the men move to pre-assigned seats on other tables after the main course, ensuring that each guest has the opportunity to sit next to at least four people of the opposite sex during the meal.
After each event, participants are called to see how they enjoyed themselves and whether they would like the telephone number of any of their fellow guests. Should they request a particular number, the person concerned is called to see if they are happy for it to be released.



Franchise costs and likely income

Registration fees Profits from events Monthly admin update fees of £11 per person Commissions from the sale of holidays

The price for a Dinner Dates franchise is £5,000 - £20,000 plus VAT depending on the size and population of the area. In addition management fees are payable by the franchisee to the franchisor.

Purchasing a Dinner Dates franchise


The first step in purchasing a Dinner Dates franchise is an initial chat by telephone. Then, should you feel that an opportunity exists in your area, you will be invited for an interview with Vipul at the Dinner Dates head office in London. The purpose of the meeting is: to determine if you have the personality, temperament and abilities to build up and run a Dinner Dates franchise to identify a region that you are familiar with, and that will support a healthy business to draw up a timetable for the acquisition of a franchise, your training and the creation of an initial business plan

You may require more than one meeting to decide on these important issues and it is essential to research these points thoroughly before taking the decision to purchase. If both parties agree to proceed, you will be provided with a draft copy of the franchise agreement and once you are satisfied that it is adequate you will reserve the franchise for your particular area by paying a deposit of £2,000 plus VAT. You can then start to prepare your place of business and set up your work space with separate telephone lines, a computer, fax, printers and the other tools necessary to communicate and do business with your members and suppliers. You will then be invited back to head office for intensive training, though you must sign a confidentiality agreement and pay the balance of the franchisee fee at least two weeks before training commences. During your training you will: learn how to operate the Dinner Dates software work hands-on at head office help to host events learn how to seek out the most effective publications in which to advertise learn how to select local venues that fit the Dinner Dates profile learn how to approach restaurant managers to ensure that you get the desired level of service at the best price

You can then prepare your business plan, with which we can help, and apply for additional finance, if required. We will provide you with a copy of the Dinner Dates software and operations and procedures manual. You can then plan your advertising campaign, select appropriate venues and publish your programme of events. Once your programme is published and the bookings begin to come in you can prepare to host your first Dinner Dates event. Ten reasons to buy a Dinner Dates franchise An expanding market place - the singles population is on the increase, providing a great business opportunity. Low initial investment - all you need to operate your franchise is a room, a PC, a modem, fax, printer and a couple of telephone lines. Exclusivity - you will have exclusive rights to your Dinner Dates franchise within your particular area. A great brand name - the Dinner Dates brand is already well established, recognised and respected. National advertising and advice on PR - Dinner Dates advertises weekly in the national press and in other major publications. Website promotion - the Dinner Dates website provides comprehensive information on programmes from each franchise area. A purpose-built, computer-based system - Dinner Dates software has been developed, refined and updated over many years to support you in your new business. Training - Dinner Dates will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of the business before taking on your franchise. A detailed operations manual - Dinner Dates will provide you with a step-by-step procedures manual. Ongoing support - Dinner Dates head office will give you ongoing advice and guidance as you develop your business. For more information about buying a Dinner Dates franchise, please contact: 


Vipul Mehta

Director of Dinner Dates

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