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Social Networking Events For Single People

We are a social networking company and we aim to widen your circle of friends, male and female! We believe the best way to meet new people and make new friends is in a buzzy social environment with a professional host to help make things happen. It's so much less pressured than meeting a stranger one-on-one. And with bigger numbers, there's more choice too! 

Dinner Dates is not a dating agency. We do not promise to introduce you to your future partner although over the years hundreds of people have directly or indirectly met their partners through us. 

We provide events to remember - ones you'll look forward to and back on as special occasions. All you need to do is decide which events to go to, book in, then turn up ready to enjoy meeting new people in new places. 

What happens on the night?

Dinner parties start with a drinks reception, where you'll be introduced to everyone by our host. You'll then join other guests at tables of six, eight or ten with place cards to show you where to sit. After the main course the men swap places to pre-assigned seats on different tables. This way you'll sit next to four people of the opposite sex during dinner. 

If you'd like to meet a fellow guest again at a later date you can make your own arrangements. But if the opportunity doesn't arise over dinner, that's not a problem. We contact you after each event to ask if there's anyone you would like to meet again. If there is, we'll telephone that person, and if they agree, we'll call you back with their telephone number. 

No one has any else's details unless they decide to give them out themselves or they ask us to do so.

"Great restaurant, company, food and seats. Lovely evening. Well done in the organisation and hosting!"

— B.S., Male Member


Dinner and Circus du Soleil

“Really enjoyed the lunch and event! Everything was perfect."

— J. V., Female Member


Michelin Star Sunday at Claridges

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